Digital Marketing is something else from traditional marketing, involves techniques, platforms, tools on the digital world to create a successful presence.Working tactics are different, and it will be kept on growing at a meteoric rate in 2020 also. Digital marketing is the most dynamic and shifting trend that why “76% of marketing people think that it changes most in the last 2 years then it did over the previous 50 years.” It reflects the change and shifting paradigms in consumers’ decision makings. So, make sure your brand/company is properly aligned into it, to meet 2020 branding needs. Let’s see some rules of digital marketing, that someone must follow in 2020 to compete in the market. 1. Don’t Ignore SEO in 2020 The year 2020 is predicted as the most competitive year for digital marketers. The rapidly shifting marketing trends are dangerous for your brands to stay in the race or to compete for 1st position if you haven’t adopted successfully. To boost your brand, SEO is the most valued thing. But unfortunately, a lot of small-medium brands don’t pay much attention to it. Even for the next few years, SEO will be the best way to generate traffic and leads. A top-ranked website with the best appearance offering something extra beneficial to its visitors, guarantees a conversion, into sales and leads. “Google receives 75,000 searches per second, in which 67% of all clicks go to the 1st page”. ‘Therefore, its batter to invest in long-term commitments, equipped with best SEO. Apart from focusing on PPC Camping’s if your SEO is done completely well, and your page is marked at the top you will get leads for sure. 2. Spend According to Platforms! If you’re putting money on PPC or having some other paid advertisement campaigns, do some research. “40% of brands consider PPC a lucrative tool for their brands marketing and wants to increase their budget”. Choose advertisement option wisely, its suggested that if your willing to spend more on PPC then avoid it and allocate your PPC budget towards SEO in maintaining long-term marketing commitments. PPC or other paid advertisements might-look good to you for creating the brand exposure but remember; they are not long-term oriented. Also, PPC is effective with the best SEO, Otherwise, a time will come when your conversion becomes expensive, and the campaign might get out of your advertisement budget. 3. Create Customer Retentions Schemes. “27 percent of small business owners estimate that 11-20 percent of first-time customers don’t return to their business”. Create something which delivers a positive user experience; the look and feel of a website matter a lot. One website, everything acts as a brink for consumer decisions. But unfortunately, a lot of owners don’t pay attention. That’s why a lot of users don’t like to come back again. Improve your user experience and keep these 3 Important things in mind.
  1. Stretch your traffic with something extra, apart from sales.
  2. Always give proper space to value preposition, and brand promises.
  3. Consider taking users’ opinion by “User-generated Content”.
Gartner says “80% of your brand’s revenue will come from 20% of your existing customers”. 4. Influencer Marketing Haven’t heard of Influencer Marketing? Don’t worry! It’s a recent concept but very effective. Instead of paying directly, marketers pay an influencer who has had likes and clicks within the target markers. Delivering directly to the target market brings a massive wave of likes and conversion. An influencer can ideally promote your business in every niche, and market. Final thought Successful digital marketing isn’t easy. It depends upon factors that Brands usually don’t pay attention to and ignore effective marketing techniques. The changing dynamics of marketing are necessary to adopt. Digital agencies had the necessary analytics available. They let you choose the right automation tools and techniques necessary.

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