Digital Marketing & AI. The Future?

It’s 2020, although for the world it was a very hard year. But, for changes, we’ve come a long way in terms of Technological Innovations, Data Analyzations, and other benefits in terms of digital innovations.   

Today AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) impacts almost every aspect of our daily life in the form of Smart devices, Chatbots, Home Controlling Systems, Self-driven Vehicles, and yet much more to come. These Innovations are designed to target the consumer’s preferences. The AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) benefits are equally targeting the digital marketing industries also.

How it’s changing the digital marketing world? and what are its future aspects? Let’s have a look at these.

The Relation between Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

As AI continues to advance, its ability to collect and analyze the data is also increasing and transforming the digital strategies. As it advances, its capacity for analyzing the valuable customer’s insights are getting more advance. Furthermore, these insights are then used to answer consumers needs and help them in a decision to purchase.

With these insights and consumers catering is only possible when digital marketing products are precisely aligned to its digital business strategy. People like to show their interest at online chatbots, Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Google Assistant and many others. Their queries are then translated into an easier version of customers like & Dislikes. This is how a successful marketing process is started depending upon AI’s gathered data solutions.

Previously, marketers were hesitated to engage AI’s into their business, but now many of the successful businesses are based on AI and renowned brands like Amazon and Spotify now utilizing AI successfully.

How AI is Transforming Digital Marketing?

Recognition & Analysis

A successful customers retention strategy is always customers centric and focused to establish a close Customer-Relationship Management (CRM). This Customer-centric approach is developed and maintained by collecting the right information from customers and then filtering valid and useful information’s.

When technologies like AI, Big-data, Blockchain are combined, it will maximize the information sharing, which helps in identifying the right needs and to enhance the right data-collection capabilities, also helpful in gathering the accurate analytics to target the right customers. This also generates accurate stats with the right pieces of information like customers habits and activities. Artificial Intelligence (AI’s Chatbots) Compared to manual customers services, benefits like Semantic recognition, Language processing, and voice conversion and AI-based Chatbots have many advantages.

First of all, all chatbots help businesses to grow beyond the traditional “One-to-One” type of customer services, indeed they tackle “One-to-Many” supporting different consumers at the same time.

They don’t need rest and can answer query round the clock, without breaking the process with very little or no chances of error.  Due to this accuracy, they’re considered highly-efficient, resulting in lesser hassle towards consumer services management. Many of the brands had already implemented most sophisticated Chatbots, while others started communications through messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and slack and others are in streamline.

Email Marketing

AI-based email marketing is much more effective as compared to other ways around. Marketers can develop customized messages, depending upon consumers behaviour and develop such ways to catch customers attention through promotional emails with customized offers, products recommendations, Subject lines, messages in emails.

Finally, reaching the right customer isn’t hard now, infect delivering the right message, relevant offers, subject lines, images and engagement is more likely to convert into sales.


With the help of AI, you can discover the most relevant content on the internet, customized according to your behaviours. Search queries from targeted audience allow the marketer to share and create the right form of content of consumers choice.

“40% of millennials consider the video content the most effective form of content next to blogs”. That means brands targeting consumers with the help of AI’s-based statistics will get better business developments in terms of marketing success.

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